“going above and beyond.”

Katie has pulled me through many tough times since I've been seeing her. Going above and beyond is her normal way of treating me. Her humor, her obvious caring and how she treats me as nothing more, or less, than a person makes her the best therapist I've ever had.

“A quick and natural trust.”

As an external processor, I was grateful to establish a quick and natural trust and friendship with Katie and dialogue about life with her, regardless if I was struggling with depression at the time. I appreciated that she let me come to conclusions myself and that she didn't romanticize or spiritualize my experiences and struggles. I felt safe to be raw and authentic.

Katie quickly became a safe constant in my life at a time that felt very hopeless. She provided a space to learn how to recognize and address emotions, name behavior patterns, as well as allow me to honestly dialogue about things that I hadn't previously been able to. I was always able and encouraged to come to my own conclusions without being pushed in one direction over another. Katie's genuineness, openness, and skillful guidance was unlike anything I'd experienced with professional counseling and is something that I recognize as a critical component to my progress towards wholistic health.

— Recent Client


“Always helping me to see hope.”

I was hesitant to begin counseling, but Katie built my trust by truly getting to know me. Her warm and humorous approach has made building a relationship come naturally. Katie's true passion, talent, and dedication to her profession and clients are obvious through her genuine interactions. I've become comfortable enough with Katie to have discussed and processed through things I'd never thought possible. My journey with her accompaniment has been a tough one, but she has helped me move forward through many difficult circumstances, always helping me to see hope. 


My favorite part about going to Katie is that she invests in your life. She takes the time to truly understand what you are going through and has a way of meeting you exactly where you are at. For me, she became a great source of encouragement, support, and guidance when my life felt confusing and lonely. I would advise anyone who is looking for a counselor to go to her. She can help you through anything and creates a safe place for you to open up.



“able to open up to close friends.”

I was challenged immensely and I loved it. I got to look at things through a different perspective. It helped me come to terms with what was really going on inside and what I was trying to hide from. I came to terms with things and was able to open up to close friends about things I never thought I would be able to talk about.


Working with Katie on a regular basis was and is a valuable experience. One of her greatest skills is in helping you prepare yourself for positive change but never forcing you into it. When you yourself are ready, through her help, to take the first step, she is there with a helping hand. She has a keen sense and empathy for inner turmoil and is wonderfully patient. I look fondly upon my past successes with Katie and look forward to benefiting from her caring expertise in the future.