About Katie

Katie provides individual counseling services for adults in the Twin Cities metro area. She specializes in depression and anxiety disorders, relationship issues, and Christian Faith integration.


Philosophy & Approach

Katie believes counseling is a highly personal experience and strives to craft a therapy space that is unique for each client she meets with. She holds fast to the conviction that counseling works best when clients trust their therapist and feel the freedom to be themselves without fear of judgement.

Location & contact

KML Counseling is part of Wellspring Group, a group of independent counselors. Our offices are located on the northeast corner of Silver Lake Road and 14th Street in New Brighton, Minnesota.



Katie has pulled me through many tough times since I've been seeing her. Going above and beyond is her normal way of treating me. Her humor, her obvious caring and how she treats me as nothing more, or less, than a person makes her the best therapist I've ever had.”


Katie Marsh, MA, LPCC
+1 (920) 351 4453